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It is said that the three pillars of Puglia’s agriculture are wheat, wine and olives, and all three make their way into this simple but tasty Puglian snack. Flour, white wine and olive oil are mixed to make a simple dough, formed into rings and, much like bagels, briefly simmered and then baked until golden brown. If this doesn’t sound like much, wait until you try it!

At its simplest, the dough is seasoned just with a generous pinch or two or salt, but you can make taralli with various flavorings, the most common being fennel seeds or cracked black pepper.

Available items and sizes:

  • Fennel seeds 250 gr.
  • Mediterraneo 250 gr.
  • Hot chili peppers 250 gr.
  • Black peppers 250 gr.
  • Extra virgin olive oil 250 gr.
  • Extra virgin olive oil 50 gr.
  • Handmade traditional taralli 8lb bag
  • Grissini Bread sticks 125gr.
  • Homemade Black Peppers 250 gr
  • Homemade Taralli Puglia 8 oz
  • Crostini Crackers 8 oz                      
  • Crostini Crackers 4 cereal 8 oz  

Private label is available