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Grandi Riso is an italian company specialized in the cultivation and commercialization of high quality rice. Grandi Riso gives much attention to ancient production processes of rice,  so it looks for a synthesis between artisan rice and the sophisticated technology of optical sorting machines. The result is an exceptional rice. Grandi Riso Spa has a square-meter processing and packaging plant  situated in the middle of the square meter rice field. The vacuum packed rice ends up on the dinner table of many italian families. Carnaroli rice, Arborio rice, and Vialone rice are the varieties of rice produced by Grandi Riso.

The Italian "Consorzio di Tutela del Riso del Delta del Po IGP" (Association for the Protection of the Po Delta Rice PGI) was established in December 2012 thanks to the effort of 12 founding members. The procedure to obtain the PGI denomination began more than a decade ago with a group of companies from Veneto, joined by other important rice growing companies from Ferrara. The Association resulting from this teamwork adds value to the safeguard and promotion of the Po Delta Rice PGI.



  • Arborio Rice 2.2LB x 12
  • Carnaroli rice 2.2 lb x 12
  • Vialone nano 2.2 lb x 12
  • Arborio Rice IGP 2.2LB x 12
  • Carnaroli Rice IGP 2.2 lb x 12
  • Black rice Venero 2.2lb x 12