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From wheat field to the raw material the passage it seems short and simple, but for Selezione Casillo the absolute food safety and the high quality standards of raw materials are ingredients that have transformed one of the oldest activities in the world in a complex process, made of advanced technology and constant checks to ensure every day the absolute certainty of healthy and genuine products.

Selezione Casillo also means customer care and passion for research and innovation. Being close to the customer to offer him only the best, offering products and new flavors, that are the result of continuous researches and experimentations, in order to meet the increasingly specific needs expressed by consumers and craftsmen.

Naturalness, authenticity and innovation: these are the values that make unique Selezione Casillo products.

The Casillo Group, leader in the production of high-quality durum wheat semolina and special flours for the bakery, pastry and catering professionals, has launched the new "vacuum-packaged line" for the Food Service and Horeca channels. As a result of our R&D Team focus on the customers' ever-changing needs, the new vacuum packaging offers clear benefits: easier transportation, protection against humidity and UV radiation, 2 years shelf life for 12.5kg analterable organoleptic properties.

Available in 12.5 kg package.