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Caviar and luxury food

“Mottra” was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture and combines old traditions with modern science to set new standards for sustainability and eco-friendly production. Today, many of the Mottra’s advanced technologies and innovations have been patented and protected for their proprietary use – that’s why no other caviar manufacturers can’t be compared with Mottra Caviar.

Finest Osetra Caviar

This fine black caviar has a grain-to-grain texture, a large diameter and a subtle flavour with absolutely no aftertaste. This premium black caviar is guaranteed to arrive fresh, plump and ready to be served. Mottra Osetra Caviar is fully sustainable and doesn’t endanger wild sturgeon population. Available in 18 and 28 gr jar.





Finest Sterlet Caviar

Finest Sterlet Caviar is a black caviar at it’s finest and is guaranteed to be fresh, plump and ready to be served, because we’ve paid strict attention to every detail, from the pure artesian water in our fish tanks, till the thermo-coolers used for delivery to our customers. When your caviar will arrive, it will look and taste as fresh as in the day it was harvested. Available in 18 and 28 gr jar.









Edible Gold Flakes

The flake is the most comfortable, practical and fastest way to decorate your dishes with edible gold. The most widely used application method in HoReCa is the dusting method. For more precise results it is also possible to use steel tweezers to lay small flakes of gold exactly where you want them. The product is not dangerous to human health, so there are no dosage limits. The quantities you are going to use are the ones you think are best suited to the result you want. Available in 1 gr jar