Pure Italian LLC was born of Fabio Zellino's love of fine Puglia extra virgin olive oil. It started as a modest venture involving the shipment of a few cases of this premium authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil that were destined for sale at farmer's markets throughout the Boston metro area and its suburbs. From this sprang an ever-increasing interest that continued to grow and feed an increased demand for this tasty and healthful kitchen necessity.

A native of Puglia, Italy, the area of the Tavoliere delle Puglia tableland within the Apulia region the lies along the country's southeastern peninsula was Fabio's playground growing up. It is widely recognized as one of the most agriculturally fertile and diverse in the world. The Gargano promontory that lies along the Adriatic Sea is blessed with natural conditions in which the torrential rivers lend themselves to the productivity of the land, ensuring the growth of the world's finest olives, among other delicacies.

As Fabio increased the importation of his Di Molfetta premium extra virgin olive oil, he sought to answer an increased demand by adding other gourmet products of the highest quality. Today, the best New England chefs rely on Pure Italian to supply them with superior authentic Italian foods, many of which are certified organic.

After years of tireless work, and by focusing only on importing the most flavorful Italian foods, Pure Italian is today trusted by countless retailers, caterers, restaurants and home cooks who wouldn't think of using anything else. With the same attention to detail and high standards, Fabio continues to grow his company into one that honors, and passes along, long-held Italian traditions.